RFID Locks


RFID-enabled locks for efficient, secure, agile workspaces

Phones, watches, our bank cards, even jewellery – contactless technology is everywhere. Now, it can now replace traditional locks, keys and combination locks on KI’s lockers and cupboards.

The locks can be customised to match surrounding décor, and fixed to units in any orientation. Retrofitting existing storage units may be a possible, subject to suitability. They are battery operated, and therefore standalone, without the need for additional cabling or power infrastructure. Apart from the occasional battery change every few years, these locks are virtually maintenance free.

Available in various models offering different modes of operation - PIN code only, Radio-frequency identification (RFID)/ Near-field communications (NFC) only or RFID/ NFC and PIN code combined, they bring a multitude of benefits for the user and the organisation alike:

1. Save money on replacement keys

2. One card fits all

3. Making flexible and agile working easy

4. Prevent misuse of personal storage

5. Protect IP & combat data theft

6. Meet compliance, regulatory requirements

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