Storage & Filing

The right filing and storage systems can minimize retrieval time, maximize space and store virtually anything safely and securely. KI offers a broad spectrum of filing and storage options that maximize use of drawer and shelf space horizontally and vertically. Our files and storage systems are designed to improve staff effectiveness and overall building efficiency. There are systems to address personal, team and high-density storage requirements.

Our filing and storage systems are constructed of durable steel and include personal storage, lateral and mobile storage, rotary and high-density storage systems as well as bookcases, credenzas, media cabinets and storage towers. Options include storage solutions that address various paper sizes, media and bulk items.

800 Series - Combinations

Each of the variations of 800 Series storage can be configured in infinite combinations to meet the requirements of any space. Whether to define areas within an open plan that are adjacent to workstations, or to provide away-from-the-desk storage, these storage units add versatility and flexibility for all types of storage needs.

Made in the UK.

800 Series - Cupboards and Bookcases
From small, end-of-desk cupboards to coat cupboards, bookcases and large core storage, these units are versatile and essential components of any office environment. Optimised for A4 media storage, they seamlessly integrate with workstations to create a harmonious workspace with adjacent storage and display facilities.

Made in the UK.
800 Series - Lateral Files
Optimised for filing A4 media, KI’s lateral drawer units can optimise space efficiency as well as worker organisation and retrieval of files. Customisable to suit any needs, these units can be positioned adjacent to workstations, or away from desks to create shared storage areas.

Strong, stable and secure, they feature soft drawer closures as standard, helping maintain a pleasant office soundscape. By placing multiple units around an open plan environment, these storage units can help delineate ‘neighbourhoods’ or even create secluded quiet, breakout areas. This has been shown to help improve productivity and wellbeing in open plan offices, where many people can feel overwhelmed by the size and distractions of the space.

Made in the UK.
800 Series - Lockers
Personal storage such as lockers are the cornerstone of the modern, agile working environment. Lockers facilitate flexible working and allow visitors to find somewhere safe to store their belongings. Whether located in large centralised banks, or adjacent to workstations, lockers become a valued anchor for workers operating in offices where they are not tethered to a fixed workstation.

Made in the UK
800 Series - Modular Shelving
A radical evolution of KI's 800 Series steel storage. Constructed from powder-coated steel, including joints, the system is available in numerous colours, dimensions and styles. Standalone or integrate with 800 Series cupboards, lockers and more.
800 Series - Other Enhancements
Storage can play a central role in enhancing workplace strategies. From elegant finish options to functional additions, the following options can create a happier, healthier, more productive working environment.

Made in the UK.
800 Series - Pedestals
Versatile and secure, pedestals ensure personal items are close at hand. Concealed or oversized castors provide the flexibility to support an agile workspace, or provide a perfect alternative to lockers for assigned workstations.

Made in the UK.
800 Series - Recycling and Waste Units
Secure, confidential waste and recycling units can be designed and manufactured in many ways to provide differing types of access. Integrated into the rest of the 800 Series portfolio, they can be a discrete and tidy waste management option.

Made in the UK.
800 Series - Towers
Connect3 storage
Connect3 storage perfectly complements desks and benches to add personal and team storage. Pedestals for assigned workstations, cupboards for end of desk or away from the desk storage.
RFID Locks
Phones, watches, our bank cards, even jewellery – contactless technology is everywhere. Now, it can now replace traditional locks, keys and combination locks on KI’s lockers and cupboards.
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