Pratik Ghosh - Drop By Drop

A mini Amazon forest for a room or a rooftop.

What is it?
Drop by Drop is a water filtration system that uses plants to filter out contaminants such as nitrates, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals and even bacteria. Recommended plants to be used in the filtration system are herbs as they can be easily grown indoors for consumption and the water procured has a pleasant scent. The system expels primarily oxygen, enhancing the room’s atmosphere. Think of it as a mini Amazon rainforest.
Designed to be sculptural, it is not meant to be hidden under the kitchen sink like other ‘appliances’, but to be celebrated in the living room. The gold leaf shown on the prototype is not for a functional benefit, rather it was added to emphasise the fact that drinking water is one of the most valuable substances on the planet.

How will it improve working & learning environment in the future?
A ‘living, breathing appliance’, Drop by Drop could enhance biophilic design when incorporated into architecture and interiors. It can be scaled up using larger plants or even trees for applications such as parks and public space, land awaiting development, or even disused rooftops. Capturing carbon from the atmosphere in the form of plant matter, the system will also provide clean drinking water and improve air quality. Water scarcity, air pollution and pollution of our water supplies are all being tackled simply by harnessing the power of nature.

NB: The water from Drop by Drop has been tested for quality using basic test kits and certified lab tests are yet to be performed. Thus, the designer strongly recommends that water from such a process should be consumed only after approval from certified labs.

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