Maya Pindeus - Reach

Virtual reality meets videoconferencing for immersive collaboration

What is it?
As if borne of a science fiction novel, Reach brings futuristic fantasy to life - stopping short of physical teleportation. The way Skype revolutionised global telecommunications, Reach can facilitate physical dialogue over unlimited distance.
At the core of Reach lies a loop of two way interactions which allow iteration on physical prototypes or 3D models in real time. This loop of interactions is based on cloud collaboration and live 3D capture of physical objects where required. If a physical prototype is being used, it is 3D-captured and displayed as 3D projection at a remote location. All collaborators can interact with the object by discussing and editing its physical properties through annotations, drawings and preview of materials. Every change done in one place is then visualized on all the other projections in real time.

How will it improve working & learning environment in the future?
Reach reinvents physical collaboration by eliminating spatial limitations. Its potential to improve working and learning is aligned to current trends for collaborative working, the ‘gig economy’, and globalised supply chains. It can greatly improve product development or training for workers across continents, but it can also give new possibilities to flexible and home-based working. Its application in the future of learning is particularly interesting - the growing trend for maker-centred and project based learning is where Reach can transform the effectiveness of the learning process, whether within a physical space or in a distance learning context.

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