Phabit by Jen-Hsien Chiu

A real life, personalised ‘Tamagotchi’ to help you form good habits

What is it?
Phabit is tool that helps you foster good habits and avoid bad ones by providing you with tailored suggestions and support based on your personality type, using a curated physical/digital experience. The Phabit app initially separates users into one of four different habit-forming personality profiles through a quiz. It then monitors the user’s habit-forming behaviour without nagging and hassle. The data collected then activates a wifi-enabled device that waters and gives sunlight to a plant contained within a mini-biosphere.
If the user does not stick to their habit, the plant will slowly become sickly and die. Observing an externalised, physicalised consequence of a bad choice is far more compelling to redress - assuming the user has formed an attachment to the plant, they will instinctively want to save it should they see it wilted and dying. As good habits are formed, the plant grows and thrives. This physical experience, supported by a digital system, gives the user a clear understanding of their progress towards achieving their goal.

How will it improve working & learning environment in the future?
Exercise and physical health for people of all ages is a clear application for Phabit. It can encourage sit-stand and agile working in sedentary office environments, or get young students participating in physical activities away from computers and smartphones. By adapting activities and methods to a person’s natural tendencies, outcomes are likely to be more successful. Beyond wellbeing-related habits such as physical fitness, diet or sleeping patterns, good habits could be encouraged around skills development, reading, task completion and more. The rapid growth and sophistication of wearable technologies could enhance Phabit’s capabilities in the future with even greater automated functionality.

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