Daljinder Sanghera - Sensei

Real time human and machine guidance

What is it?
SENSEI is the first platform to connect people who need technical assistance to both human and machine experts, for real-time guidance. It bypasses current methods of interpreting information (think of books, recipes, videos, manuals), which not only remove our focus from the task at hand but also require us to retain information whilst attempting to apply it. SENSEI connects users to a fluid stream of information, as they do tasks, allowing them to be fully immersed in accomplishing the task at hand while still receiving all the necessary information.

With a single click on the SENSEI headset, users can summon either a human expert (SENSEI) or an artificially intelligent instruction algorithm (SENSEI-Bot) to help them with a task. The SENSEI headset enables an expert (human or machine) to see a first person view of the user’s space, indicate directly on objects in the user’s space through a simple projection system, and speak to the user to help guide them through a task. Additional information such as pictures and video clips can be sent to the user’s smartphone through the mobile app.The SENSEI-bot system accumulates knowledge through human-to-human interactions. This knowledge bank becomes increasingly useful over time and helps preserve and aggregate skills over generations and geographies.

Future working & learning applications?
The goal of SENSEI is to empower people to accomplish tasks themselves. Its multiple applications in working and learning environments could greatly enhance productivity. Remote learning, training and support are obvious starting points, but service delivery could also be made more efficient by reducing the need to ‘call out’ an expert to repair equipment, troubleshoot software or technology challenges, or assemble components.

Contact Daljinder
E: daljinder.sanghera@network.rca.ac.uk
W: www.dsanghera.com 




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