Ahreum Jung - Slo-Ipsum

A gym for your mental health and wellbeing

What is it?
Slo-ipsum is an interactive apparatus which aims to improve wellbeing through exercises that embrace slow rituals. Taking elements from butoh, meditation and mindfulness, it encourages the user to perform a task that requires slow movements. Over time, this trains the user to better understand their body’s inner senses (interoception), and its physiological connection with emotions and mood.

Unlike our exteroceptive senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste) that help us perceive the outside world, interoception helps us perceive our own internal self. It is important to find a balanced state of interoception as being more connected with our bodies creates more self-awareness. The more accurately we perceive changes in our physiological state, the more we are able to respond appropriately to avoid negative outcomes.

How will it improve working & learning environment in the future?
Students and workers alike can optimise their performance and wellbeing by becoming more interoceptive. As stress is one of the biggest causes of loss of productivity in the workplace, empowering people with better ways to recognise and manage their mental and social wellbeing, businesses will nurture a happier, healthier workforce. Minimising or even preventing ‘burnout’, benefits extend beyond staff retention and increased productivity within the workplace - it makes for a healthier society overall. Bringing such a tool into the education environment has a dual benefit by instilling valuable skills in young people for later in life, while also helping them maximise learning outcomes by manage their wellbeing during stressful times such as project deadlines and exam periods.

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