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KI Workplace Overview:KI - Furniture for happy, healthy, high performing working environments (3.2mb)


Desks & Benches Brochures

UniteSE evolution 03 - grid Work2 Cantilever Bench Work2 Sit-Stand EC4

UniteSE Workstations
(PDF 3.3MB)

Work2 Cantilever Bench
(PDF 3.3MB)

Work2 Sit-Stand Workstations
(PDF 1.3MB)

EC4 Workstations
(PDF 4.6MB) 

Connect3_020_Grid Take5_001_Grid    

Connect3 Workstations
(PDF 6.3MB)

Take5 Lounge Collection
(PDF 2.5MB)




Seating Brochures

Faveo Task - Grid Opt4 black - Grid Perry tilting - Grid Sway2 red - Grid

(PDF 2.7MB) 

(PDF 805KB)

(PDF 1.2MB)

(PDF 1931KB)

Sift_Grid2  Take5_001_Grid

(PDF 6.1MB)

Take5 Lounge Collection
(PDF 2.5MB)




Storage & Filing Brochures

800 Series - Grid Connect3_021_Grid  

800 Series Storage
(PDF 5.7MB)

Connect3 Storage
(PDF 6.3MB)




Tables Brochures

Meet4-table-collection-grid EC4-Table_008_Grid  

Meet4 Table Collection
(PDF 3.8MB)

Meet4 Hoop Leg Tables

(PDF 1.5MB)

EC4 Tables
(PDF 4.6MB) 


Third Space Brochures

Breakout Work2 01 - Grid

(PDF 6.3MB)



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