A KI Europe and Gallery Argentum exhibition
30 January 2015 

ArtAtWork-monochrome-room-with-Meet4-height-adjustable-meeting-table-Opt4-chairs-smallCan a departure from reality stimulate imaginative thinking in the workplace?

Gallery Argentum’s second exhibition at the prestigious KI Europe showroom examines how abstract art can influence creativity in the workplace.

In abstract art, the artist uses a visual language of shapes, forms, lines and colours to interpret a subject-matter, without providing the viewer with a recognisable reference point. This contrasts dramatically with traditional forms of art which set out to achieve a literal and more representational interpretation of a subject and communicate a particular ‘reality’ to the viewer.

Taking as its starting point the visual power of abstract art, this exhibition will examine how particular areas of the KI Europe showroom displaying different types of abstract art impact on the viewer and make the areas more imaginative, relaxing and creative environments in which to work.

Works on display will include pieces from:

Paintings & Photographs
Abu Jafar
Andre Villers
Anthony Jones
Brenda Jones
Christina Mitrentse
Elizabeth Vickory
Hilary Owers
Julia Watson
Laurel Berry
Martin Olsson
Miranda Morley
Rebekah Stovold
Ricky Keech
Ruth Philo
Stephanie Stow
Steve Kelly
Stuart Ayton
Sue Hall
Tim Benson VPROI
Tracey Emin CBE RAl
Alan Morley
Diana Lemon
Ewa Wawrzyniak
John O’Connor
Kathy Prest
Krasimir Boshev
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