14 April - 05 August 2016 

"Our natural love for life helps sustain life"

In a typical office landscape, man-made materials, straight lines and inorganic, inanimate objects dominate the environment. Offices in central, urban areas often look into each other or over roads and suburbia. They offer few opportunities for workers to feel a connection to the natural realm, inside or outside their four walls.

The biophilia hypothesis looks at our fundamental affinity for nature, and its positive relationship with our psychology - particularly its affect on our feeling of happiness and wellbeing.

Natural analogues including materials, imagery, shapes and forms act as reminders of the natural world. This indirect connection is a small but meaningful component in wider biophilic design, a concept which has been shown to reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought and improve wellbeing.

The modern office environment is frequently located in a highly urbanised area, so even the smallest inclusions of biophilic elements can make a noticeable impact on employee wellbeing.

This exhibition explores how art can be used as a practical, flexible and cost-effective way to reintroduce a touch of nature into the office environment alongside, or in place of real lifeforms such as typical office plants and aquaria.

"...scenes of nature in artwork and murals have been shown to reduce anxiety and discomfort. Patients in a Swedish university hospital who were recovering from open heart surgery experienced the least post-operative anxiety when looking at pictures of natural scenes that included water, compared with pictures of abstract art, a control picture, or no picture at all." Ulrich & Lunden, 1990. "Effects of Nature and Abstract Pictures on Patients Recovering from Open Heart Surgery" Paper presented at the International Congress of Behavioural Medicine, 27-30 June, Uppsala, Sweden.

Viewings by appointment only. Please email Dr Tiziana Maggio,

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Works on display will include pieces from:

Paintings, Prints & Photographs
Ashley Shaw
Allan Williams
Davide Scafariello
Geoff Hands
Jonas Ranson
Loueen Morrison
Miranda Morley
Nicholas Sinclair
Rebekah Stovold
Rosalie Williams
Sue Hall
Alan Morley
Rekha Sameer

Christina Mitrentse
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