Sue Hall

Sue's paintings show how colours can work with, or against, each other; how they can subtly and seamlessly flow from one to another and how they can sit starkly side by side, or layer upon layer.

The results are paintings that are bold, colourful and evoke a particular mood. They convey a sense of depth and movement without being obvious. The layering of the paint – particularly in the 'City Lights' collection – results in a colourful palimpsest effect; the eye tries to discern what is underneath.

Sue believes they are contemporary, abstract, expressive and impressionistic. When starting a new painting she choose the colours she wants to use before doing anything else.

However, she often finds that part way through the work it starts ‘talking’ to her and takes on a life of its own, leading her down a hue-strewn path that would not have been explored if left to her own devices.

12. Breakthrough 1  Acrylic on canvas £2,100 Sue-Hall-Breakthrough-1 
13. City Lights 2  Acrylic on canvas £565 Sue-Hall-City-Lights-2 
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