Ruth Philo

Ruth's work explores abstract qualities in painting, particularly concerned with surface, mark and colour and their power to evoke feeling and memory. The paintings become a record in themselves, resulting in their own condensed histories.

Trained originally as an art historian and initial work as an archaeologist have led to Ruth's inescapable fascination with looking. Although the work may appear abstract, it often begins from noticing mundane or overlooked elements in the everyday, connected with place, time and our relationship with our immediate surroundings. Ruth is also interested in phenomenology and the idea of seen and unseen elements together revealing felt experience.

The development of the work usually involves a dialogue with the painting process and the physicality of the medium. Working in oils or acrylics, her work is sometimes in series and often on an intimate scale.

Based in a studio at Cuckoo Farm Studios, Colchester, Ruth's current work includes a series of paintings about gardens and our relationship with them. As part of this she undertook a six week residency 'Another shade of green' during May and June 2014 at the Benham Gallery, Cuckoo Farm Studios, part of their 'Flourish residency' series, collaborating with local grower, Cants Roses. Ruth is also making work from the Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk coasts, exploring water, land and coastal erosion - 'A temporary arrangement with the sea', a series from this was exhibited in Cley 14 during July 2014. Ruth is am also involved in an ongoing project about Orford Ness and the lighthouse there, which involves painting, photography and film.

4. Waterlines: Current  Acrylic on panel, framed £250 Ruth-Philo-Waterlines-Current 
5. Waterlines: Splash  Acrylic on panel, framed £250 Ruth-Philo-Waterlines-Splash 
6. Waterlines: Surf  Acrylic on panel, framed £250 Ruth-Philo-Waterlines-Surf 
7. Mura: Bare  Acrylic on panel, framed £400 Ruth-Philo-Mura-Bare 
8. Mura: Verdigris  Acrylic on panel, framed £400 Ruth-Philo-Mura-Verdigris 
9. Arrangement with the Sea 1  Acrylic, gesso & wax on wooden panel £375 Ruth-Philo-Arrangement-with-the-Sea-1 
10. Temporal arrangement with the Sea 2  Acrylic, gesso & wax on wooden panel £375 Ruth-Philo-Temporal-arrangement-with-the-Sea-2 
11. Temporal arrangement with the Sea 5  Acrylic, gesso & wax on wooden panel £375 Ruth-Philo-Temporal-arrangement-with-the-Sea-5 
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