Rebekah Stovold

Rebekah has been painting for over a decade, her work is installed in galleries throughout Europe and she is included in prestigious private collections worldwide.

Painting predominantly in acrylic paint on canvas, she paints with her hands. "I can’t bear a brush or anything else coming between me and what I want to express. The core of my work can be read as having a meditative quality, passages which are at their quietest; contemplative, and at their most energized, fully brazen. I think and think and think and then my pictures explode onto the canvas, finished as they hit the air. It can get messy."

She is inspired by the kind of nature she can touch - leaves, stones, petals, and always water.

29. Last Light  Mixed media on canvas £2,900 Rebekah-Stovold-Last-Light 
30. Anemonedrift  Mixed media on canvas £2,500 Rebekah-Stovold-Anemonedrift 
31. Peacock  Mixed media on canvas £2,900 Rebekah-Stovold-Peacock 
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