Martin Olsson

Martin is a Swedish born artist living in the UK since 2002. His life-long interest in art has taken him to many different areas of expression such as painting, cartoons, book illustration, web design and animation.

A quest for simplicity and communication has always been at the core of his interest in the visual arts. In abstraction, Martin has arrived at the crossroads where all impulses meet on level terms.

As can be seen in his art, the viewer is always intellectually challenged and invited to make visual judgements based on pure form, colour and space. Martin has said: "In taking a route away from the descriptive in painting I have found myself concentrating more on the factual qualities of colour and the potentials of tension proportion can hold. By adhering to different rules in working the surface new freedom is found in areas I would previously not have visited due to the inexorable draw from figuration, description and metaphor."

Beside art and art history, Martin’s interests include music and the game of chess. Martin’s work can be found in private collections throughout Europe.

18. Gutsy Pink  Mixed media on canvas £500 Martin-Olsson-Gutsy-Pink 
19. Three, Four  Mixed media on canvas £650 Martin-Olsson-Three-Four 
20. Belonging  Mixed media on canvas £650 Martin-Olsson-Belonging 
21. Symmetry, balance and nothing  Mixed media on canvas £650 Martin-Olsson-Symmetry-balance-nothing 
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