Laurel Berry

Laurel is currently undertaking her MA in Fine Art at Suffolk University. She spent her childhood from 18 months until age 8 on a Nicholson39 sailing yacht travelling the world with her parents. This experience greatly influenced her art enabling to always try something new and not be afraid of the results. Process is central to Laurel’s work and the end result is always a delight to behold. 

Of her work she has said: "Where does my work stand at the moment? Where do I fit in... I believe I fit into the group of artists who embrace and use the materiality of paint and let paint use them. All the artists I look at and gain inspiration and knowledge from do this. It is the materiality of the medium and its power which, draws me into paintings, it is what keeps me engaged. For further expansion and depth of thought I’ve investigated the question, 'is painting dead?' My work and my theories fit in with this - and profusely deny the statement that it could be. Some say it was but it’s back - I say it never left."

41. Kingfisher Emerging  Oil on canvas £550 Laurel-Berry-Kingfisher-Emerging 
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