Julia Watson

Of her pieces in the 'Towards Abstraction' exhibition, Julia says:

52. Ocean
"I find it very exciting and challenging to describe visually my awareness of the world around me. With this print I am trying to communicate in colour and shape my response to standing on the edge and looking out at the vast ocean space beyond and the peace and freedom that brings, and then by contrast feeling the frenetic movement and speed of life in the city and the buzz of urban living.
Unique silkscreen print £350 Julia-Watson-Ocean 
53. Colour Notes
"This painting is trying to do exactly what the title suggests, the colours are harmoniously balanced and relate with each other spatially as well. I am also attempting to make a connection with the space and harmony of musical notation."
Acrylic on canvas £750 Julia-Watson-Colour-Notes 
54. Traverse  Unique silkscreen print £350 Julia-Watson-Traverse 
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