Brenda Jones

For Brenda, painting is an experimental journey, not knowing where it will end, responding to impulses and instincts along the way. She defines her work as abstract expressionist. It is about marks, colour, pattern, movement, shape and form. These play along together and bounce off each other, to create a flow or structural harmony, just as in a musical composition. Sometimes there is evidence of landscape, she goes for walks and likes drawing the places around her. A sketch can be a starting point to build a structure, shapes and lines, though she will often start just by making marks, and let things happen.

Painting is unpredictable, frustrating, risky, exciting. Often, it does not go anywhere, ends up a mess. Next day new possibilities may occur, new connections, a fresh view and new optimism. Some paintings take years, some may happen quickly. Diebenkorn’s rules are pinned to Brenda's wall, with some new ones she has made up. She has soaked up influences from many well known painters - De Kooning, Hans Hofmann, Alan Gouk, Atta Kwami. These have been an inspiration in her development, an obsession with paint and how to put it on the canvas.

36. Blue Sea  Oil on canvas £600 Brenda-Jones-Blue-Sea 
37. Indian Summer  Acrylic on canvas £600 Brenda-Jones-Indian-Summer 
38. Red  Acrylic on canvas £325 Brenda-Jones-Red 
39. Yellow Patch  Acrylic & collage on canvas £325 Brenda-Jones-Yellow-Patch 
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