Anthony Jones

Painting + Beauty. The aesthetics and beauty of the passing of time, nature and decay are at the very centre of Anthony's art’s practice.

Objects that were designed and manufactured, surfaces that once communicated through their own distinct language and vocabulary... through time, have been given a new form of visual interest, a new identity, from Renaissance geometry to the surface textures of religious frescoes, from nature’s graphics on old walls to semi-derelict industrial complexes.

Anthony has tried to isolate details which he considers contain characteristics, nuances, associations et al, with his interpretation of visual beauty and interest. The work in the ‘Towards Abstraction’ exhibition has been created in the last four years and whilst Anthony generally works in series, the link (beauty, light and structure) between the earlier pieces (Maths Art Project) and the most recent ‘Transfigurations' series is always there.

50. Sous la mer  Oil on canvas £750 Anthony-Jones-Sous-la-mer 
51. La vie en bleu jardin  Oil on canvas £750 Anthony-Jones-La-vie-en-bleu-jardin 
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