KI House

Missed us at #CDW2019?

KI made its Clerkenwell Design Week debut in May 2019 with a pop-up showroom at the landmark Paxton Locher House on Clerkenwell Green.

Take a Stand!

Stay comfortable and productive

Studies show that prolonged sitting can have a negative effect on health and productivity in the workplace. Intermittent standing can help.


Innovative bench systems

Transform workplaces with our high-quality, innovative and flexible ranges that bring workstations, storage and 3rd space together.


Our innovative modular third space system

Design your own Breakout - create diverse worksettings, improve wellbeing & productivity. Because evidence shows that when people feel better, they work better.

Versatile storage

Team and personal storage for flexible working

Multipurpose, flexible and lockable - our storage perfectly integrates with workstations. Lockers, mobile pedestals, drawers and cabinets to transform your workplace.


KI improves productivity through the design and manufacture of furniture solutions which both stimulate and provide efficiencies, helping you to meet the demands of our evolving workplaces. Customers throughout the world come to KI, not just for high-quality contract furniture but for the knowledge to make the right choices. Working with KI puts a wealth of experience and innovation at your fingertips to help you select the furniture that fits your application.

Unmatched flexibility and versatility.
Locally made, globally respected.

Unique Furniture Solutions

KI improves productivity in the workplace through the design and manufacture of furniture solutions which both optimise floor plans and stimulate users.

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