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Our Postura+ chairs are everywhere!

First introduced to the UK in 1996, KI's iconic Postura+ chairs have been used by millions of students. Follow us on Twitter, and contribute your own picture by finishing this sentence:

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Postura+ Chair

Postura Plus various sizes display

Postura+ Chairs

Designed to promote good posture and provide exceptional comfort, the Postura+ chair is manufactured in the UK and complies with BS EN 1729 Parts 1 & 2 for dimensions, strength and stability. It can be stacked to 12 high for convenience, transport and storage. Durable, stain resistant and 100% recyclable, these chairs come in a range of vibrant colours and can be upholstered for added comfort and aesthetics. Bespoke colours are also available for larger orders (surcharge applies).

Made in the UK. 20 year warranty. Bespoke colours available.


Size Mark Seat Height Seat Width Seat Depth Overall Height Overall Width Weight
1 260mm 280mm 250mm 500mm 360mm 2.3kg
2 310mm 280mm 250mm 550mm 360mm 2.5kg
3 350mm 340mm 310mm 645mm 430mm 2.8kg
4 380mm 340mm 310mm 675mm 430mm 3.0kg
5 430mm 360mm 380mm 780mm 470mm 3.9kg
6 460mm 400mm 430mm 805mm 510mm 4.5kg

All dimensions quoted are approximate.

Polypropylene Colours:

Colour name Postura+ Nursery Range
(Size 1)
Postura+ Primary Range
(Sizes 2, 3 & 4)
Postura+ Secondary Range
(Sizes 5 & 6)
Jet Black Postura jet black
Slate Grey Postura slate grey Postura slate grey
Iron Grey Postura iron grey Postura iron grey
Ash Grey Postura ash grey Postura ash grey
Poppy Red Postura poppy red Postura poppy red Postura poppy red
Tangerine Fizz Postura tangerine fizz Postura tangerine fizz
Sun Yellow Postura sun yellow Postura sun yellow Postura sun yellow
Lime Zest Postura lime zest Postura lime zest
Parrot Green
Forest Green Postura forest green Postura forest green Postura forest green
Ink Blue Postura ink blue Postura ink blue Postura ink blue
Aqua Blue Postura aqua blue Postura aqua blue
Powder Blue Postura powder blue Postura powder blue
Pink Candy

Postura pink candy

Postura pink candy
Grape Crush Postura grape crush Postura grape crush
Sugar Plum colour-dots-KI-sugar-plum colour-dots-KI-sugar-plum

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