New City College


Postura+ chairs selected for colour co-ordinated refurbishment at New City College

End user approx. 25,000 students
Location London, E1
Date September 2018
Project partners Four Square Furniture
Project type Refurbishment

The brief

The historic Arbour Square campus, part of New City College - London's second largest college, has been refurbished with bright, colour co-ordinated floors. Located in Tower Hamlets in the heart of London's East End, the updated facilities provide a flexible and engaging learning environment for some of the institution's 25,000 students.

The Arbour Square campus is home to New City College’s prestigious Attlee A Level Academy, its 14-16 year-old students and some of its adult English language groups. The dynamic, multipurpose new learning environment is equipped with technology and movable furniture to facilitate easy reconfiguration for numerous lesson styles.

Our solution

Postura+ chairs in Grape Crush and Jet Black have been an ideal addition to these environments as they are stackable and highly robust, ensuring students will benefit from comfortable ergonomic seating for many years to come. The colours specified were selected in order to assist with wayfinding around the large campus.

What our partners said

“New City College required a strong, robust chair available in a range of colours. Postura+ chairs are proven to provide the longevity that the College required, whilst the range of 16 standard colours readily allowed them to colour code each floor of the building. The colours of the chairs have been matched with other interior details to create a fantastic, uplifting space for the College’s diverse community.” Stella Doouss, Four Square Furniture

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