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Ideally suited to science labs, our range of stools come with a range of options. Stackable, high back and task stools are available in a range of colours, giving you a variety of products for every application from classroom to cafeteria.

Postura+ Stool
Lightweight, stacks to 5 high for convenient storage. Hook to store bags underneath seat for added safety. Available in 16 colours.
Postura+ High Chair
Superior ergonomics combined with great practicality, these lightweight stools stack to 5 high.
Strive Task Stool
Ideal for offices, classrooms and multi-purpose rooms. Gas lift mechanism for height adjustment. Footrest gives extra ergonomic comfort.
Strive 4 Leg Stool
Stylish and comfortable, the 4-leg stool has an articulated backrest made of slotted polypropylene.
Doni - cafe stool
Grazie - task stool
Grazie - 4 leg stool
Ruckus - Stool
Shaking up learning spaces!
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