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Stackable Chairs

Stacking chairs maximise space efficiency and rapid transformation of multi-purpose rooms, cafeterias, classrooms and large seating halls. Our stackable chairs come in a variety of styles and colours with options for upholstery and accessories such as removable tablet arms.

Integra Stacking Chair
KI’s Integra is a one piece chair moulding from high-impact grade copolymer polypropylene, stackable to 15 high.
Maestro Stacking Chair
Maestro unites design and materials to create a harmonious ensemble as its sleek appearance so ably demonstrates.
Strive Stacking Chair
The Strive seating collection from KI is a family of simple, elegant, comfortable chair designs.
Matrix Stacking Chair
One of the most efficient stacking chairs available, up to 45 chairs can be stacked on a transport dolly and still fit through a standard doorway.
Intellect Wave Cantilever
Stacks easily on desks, on the floor or on a dolly. 

Optional wire book rack fitted under seat.
Intellect Wave 4 Leg Chair
Stackable up to 10 on transport dolly, this durable chair is also available on castors.

Optional wire book rack can also be fitted under the seat.
Intellect Wave Music Chair
Available in 24 colours, this unique chair is designed specifically for comfort and correct posture while playing a musical instrument. Tilted forward by 5 degrees, this chair comes with a 15-year warranty.
Postura+ Chair
Perfect ergonomics, durable and stackable, the Postura+ is ideal for classrooms, large hall seating, dining areas, multi-purpose rooms and social facilities. Available in 6 sizes for students of all ages.
Postura+ Stool
Lightweight, stacks to 5 high for convenient storage. Hook to store bags underneath seat for added safety. Available in 16 colours.
Postura+ High Chair
Superior ergonomics combined with great practicality, these lightweight stools stack to 5 high.
Strive 4 Leg Chair
Stackable up to 15 high, with or without arms. Seat and back available in 24 polypropylene colours. Optional upholstered seat gives added comfort and aesthetics.
Strive with Tablet Arm
Available on all versions of the Strive range, some of these tablet arms are detachable, particularly useful for space efficiency when added to the high density stacking chair.
Perry Stacking Chair
Stylish, elegant with a unique articulated back movement for longer, more comfortable seating periods.
Perry Tablet Arm Chair
Optional removable tablet arm available in 2 sizes
Matrix Tablet Arm Chair
Optional removable tablet arm increases functionality without compromising space-efficient storage.
Maestro Tablet Arm Chair
Left or right handed tablet arm can be easily added and removed for easy stacking. Tablet available in 24 different finishes.
Plaza Stacking Chair
Ideal for cafes and dining rooms, this single piece polypropylene chair is strong and elegant.
Doni - 4 leg chair with castors
Doni - sled base
Doni - 4 leg chair
Doni - cafe stool
Grazie - 4 leg chair with castors
Grazie - sled base
Grazie - 4 leg stool
Ruckus Chair - Stack Chair
Shaking up learning spaces!
Postura+ 4 Leg on Castors
Designed to promote good posture, unrestricted movement and exceptional comfort, these vibrant chairs are perfect for versatile, flexible and multipurpose learning environments.
Postura+ Reverse Cantilever
Offering greater flex during seated periods, the base of the reverse cantilever chair also facilitates easier pivoting from side to side without the obstruction of front legs.
The elegant, streamlined silhouette of these chairs is created with a 100% recyclable, one piece injection moulded polypropylene/glass fibre blend.
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