Strive Task Stool

Strive Task Stool display

Ergonomic stool with articulated backrest

Height adjustable, this task stool is a great addition to classrooms and multi-purpose rooms from art classrooms to cafeterias. The footrest gives added comfort, while the articulated backrest gives comfort and support for extended seated periods.

Designed by Giancarlo Piretti. 15 year warranty.

Polypropylene Colours: 

 KI Black  Black  KI Blue Grey  Blue Grey  KI Ultra Blue  Ultra Blue   KI Cayenne  Cayenne
 KI Flannel  Flannel  KI Warm Grey  Warm Grey  KI Sky Blue  Sky Blue   KI Poppy Red  Poppy Red
 KI Chocolate  Chocolate  KI Cool Grey  Cool Grey  KI Splash  Splash   KI Nemo  Nemo
 KI Misty Brown  Misty Brown  KI Sand  Sand  KI Surf's Up  Surf's Up   KI Rubber Ducky  Rubber Ducky
 KI Nordic  Nordic  KI Light Tone  Light Tone   KI Zesty Lime  Zesty Lime     
 KI Purple Haze  Purple Haze  KI Wet Sand  Wet Sand   KI Grass Green  Grass Green     
 KI Mardi Gras  Mardi Gras  KI Cottonwood  Cottonwood          

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