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Not so much an evolution as a revolution
School Building


Today’s educational environments are required to support ‘active learning’. Makercentred and project based learning models are replacing linear, more traditional instructor-based lessons. Innovative curricula and pedagogies can only succeed if students are able to move freely and engage with their teachers, their materials and each other.

Ruckus is a unique approach to facilitating this essential movement – it allows the user to rotate 360 degrees within the chair, rather than having to move the chair itself. Regardless of starting position, the user can quickly pivot and reorient themselves to where they need to direct their attention. This has been proven to enhance concentration, retention and engagement with materials, tools, instructors and fellow students.

The result of extensive research and development by KI’s in-house design team, Ruckus’ unique design has incorporated feedback from students, teachers, administrators, facilities managers and educational furniture suppliers. The chair’s distinctive and unique backrest offers support and comfort, whilst also functioning as integrated arms. If the user swivels 90-180 degrees in either direction, the backrest becomes a worksurface for notepads, laptops or tablet computers. Perfectly engineered to act as a stable secondary seating surface, the backrest is also ideal for perching at standing height and even laboratory tables.

Designed and manufactured by KI in the USA, it comes with a 15 year warranty. Winner of ‘Best of NeoCon 2017’ Gold Award for education solutions is available in the UK from September 2017.

Founded in 1941, KI, has grown to become one of the world's largest and most respected independent furniture manufacturing groups. KI’s EMEA headquarters and showroom in Central London is supported by an established network of manufacturing facilities and distribution partners across the UK, Europe and the Middle East.

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