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Spotlight - Manufacturer Report
Mix Interiors | April 2019
Founded in 1941, KI (Krueger International, Inc) remains employee-owned and has grown to become one of the world's largest, most respected furniture manufacturing group...

Infant school pupils sitting comfortably - Hatchlands Primary School
FX Magazine | March 2019 - issue 300
Colourful Postura+ chairs have been selected in Grape Crush colour for the reception-age facilities at the first stage of the Hatchlands Primary School development in Redhill, Surrey.
Redhill's most exciting new school selects Postura+ chairs
Education Today | January 2019
"... we know we can rely on KI to deliver. Their excellent customer service and extensive stocking programme ensured that we got the chairs to the school at very short notice, during the peak summer rush." Willowbrook Education
KI Chairs selected for New City College
Mix Interior Magazine | Issue 190, January 2019
The historic Arbour Square campus, part of New City College - London's second largest college - has been refurbished with bright, colour co-ordinated floors. Located in Tower Hamlets in the heart of London's East End, the updated facilities provide a flexible and engaging learning environment for some of the institution's 25,000 students.
KI Postura+ chairs selected for New City College’s colour co-ordinated refurbishment
Campus Estate | December 2018
The historic Arbour Square campus, part of New City College - London’s second largest college, has been refurbished with bright, colour co-ordinated floors. Located in Tower Hamlets in the heart of London’s East End, the updated facilities provide a flexible and engaging learning environment for some of the institution’s 25,000 students.
Seating selected for Oxford’s Norman Foster Social Sciences building
Higher Education Estate (HEE) | December 2018
The University of Oxford’s Manor Road Building, designed by Sir Norman Foster, is home to several units of the Social Sciences Division and the unified Social Science Library. Overlooking the adjacent River Cherwell, the four-storey building is arranged around a central atrium and provides a variety of spaces including an auditorium, lecture theatres, seminar rooms, common areas, staff offices and a canteen.
KI's new modular education lounge seating now available in the UK
PSBJ | November 2018

KI's MyWay adaptive lounge seating was designed specifically for contemporary education environments.

Swanbourne House chooses Postura Plus range for new, tech-focused learning spaces
Campus Estate Management | Spring 2018
Founded in 1920, Swanbourne House has been working closely with Witley Jones Furniture over a number of years on a variety of refurbishment projects.
The Learner's Journey
Campus Estate Management | Spring 2018
The future of education in four learning space scenarios.
ADF - University of Edinburgh
Architects Data File | March 2018

KI’s Perry chair selected for university

Transforming University of Edinburgh with Perry
Building Construction Design
From blues and reds, to beige and white, the colours specified add distinct character to each room.
KI’s Perry chair selected for the University of Edinburgh’s ongoing transformation
adf | Monday, 26th February 2018
Set for completion in 2030, the University of Edinburgh’s upgrade is hoping to give students a vibrant, flexible learning environment.
Best of the Fest
Mix Interiors | October 2017
KI opened the doors of its New Fetter Lane showroom during LDF to unveil the new Ruckus seating collection, which disrupts and redefines the boundaries of learning spaces.
Not so much an evolution as a revolution
School Building | 4151
KI’s new Ruckus seating collection disrupts and redefines the boundaries of learning spaces. It’s not so much an evolution as a revolution. It looks like nothing else, it can be used like nothing else.
KI furniture specified for City of Glasgow College
HEE | October 2017
The multi-award winning City of Glasgow College has just completed it's City Campus, a £234 million 10-storey development in the centre of Glasgow...
First class seating - KI takes pride of place in City of Glasgow College
Campus Estate Magazine | Summer 2017
KI's award-winning range of educational seating products has been chosen to take pride of place in Scotland's award winning City of Glasgow College.
A high-quality aesthetic for Glasgow College
PSBJ | August 2017
After supplying its award-winning range of educational seating products to the City of Glasgow College’s Riverside Campus in 2015, KI has now delivered over 6000 KI units to its City Campus.
Chair up, with colourful, stimulating interiors
Tomorrow's FM | June 2017
Find out how KI and Whitespace brightened things up for a Manchester-based school, using some vibrant new furnishings.
Colourful, functional and child-friendly environment
School Building | Summer 2017
KI's Postura+ helps transform Mosley Academy classroom into a colourful, functional and child-friendly environment.
Inviting, cost-effective spaces
PSBJ | May/June 2017
Cheetham CofE Community Academy is a larger-than-average-sized primary school, with 540 students aged three to 11. Working closely with the school, refurbishment consultancy firm, Whitespace Consultants, was briefed to transform the blank space of a new building into an inspiring, modern interior – all with the help of KI’s Postura+ chair.
Further Education - Higher Ground
FX Magazine | May 2017
Learning spaces have changed out of all recognition, as have the way students are using them. Further education, like the workplace, is fighting to attract the best talent, and has to provide the best environment and facilities to do so.
Reshaping education environments by Kevin Geeves
Campus Estate Management | Spring 2017
Education facilities, especially those for higher education are undergoing enormous change. Read more...
Mix Interiors Spotlight - Education
Mix Interiors | April 2017, Issue 173
Postura+ chair was featured on Mix Interiors Magazine, Issue 173. Schools including Cheetham CofE Community Academy, Manchester and Rhyl High School, Denbighshire selected Postura+ one-piece polypropylene chair to help their school bring together an inspiring, modern learning environment.
Cheetham CofE chooses KI's Postura+ chairs
School Building | March 2017
Cheetham CofE community Academy, is a larger than average sized primary school in Greater Manchester. Working closely with the school, office refurbishment consultancy firm Whitespace was briefed to transform the blank space into an inspiring, modern interior, all with the help of KI's Postura+.
The chair of choice for students
ADF | March 2017
KI’s iconic Postura+ chair was the first one-piece polypropylene chair introduced to the UK education market in 1996.
Colour coded
Campus Estate Management | August 2016
Postura+ in custom purple gives Rhyl High School's new facilities a unique identity.
Stack it... KI's Maestro featured in OnOffice magazine
OnOffice | Sept 2016
This year has seen a whole host of multiple-use stacking chair releases. Gone are tired notions of dull chair towers pushed against canteen walls – replaced with bold new designs that encourage freedom for the designer and use in a variety of workspaces.
PSBJ -Sept 2016 Cover Thumb
Interiors: Time to reinvent the classroom
PSBJ | Sept 2016
In the wake of the recent baby boom and record immigration, the UK’s classrooms are facing increasing pressure to accommodate more students. But, higher density doesn’t have to spell disaster.
School Buidling 4147 (Page 01) Thumb
KI's seating chosen for one of the largest colleges in Scotland
School Building Issue 4147 | July 2016
KI’s award-winning range of educational seating products has been chosen to take pride of place in one of Scotland’s largest colleges.
PSBJ May 2016 Thumb Cover
Future-Proofing Schools
PSBJ – Public Sector Build Journal | May 2016
KI provides several searing options for City of Glasgow College’s Riverside Campus
Mix Interior 163 Spotlight: Centre and Clyde
City of Glasgow College sits in KI’s Intellect Wave collection
Mix Interiors | Issue 163 – April 2016
KI provides Intellect Wave seating collection to City of Glasgow College’s Riverside Campus
University Business Thumb Cover - Versatile Learning Spaces Issue97 - April16
Versatile Learning Spaces
University Business | Issue 97 - April 2016
KI’s Learn2 chairs chosen for City of Glasgow College Riverside Campus
Education for Everybody Issue 52
Are you #GenerationPostura?
Education For Everybody | Issue 52 - March 2016
KI Europe exhibiting at the Education Show, NEC Birmingham 16-19 March 2016.
School Building Intelligent Interiors Issue52 March15
Intelligent Interiors
School Building Magazine | Issue 4140 - May 2015
School are becoming aware of interior design and are incorporating multifunctional areas and facilities to accommodate new learning and teaching skills.
Furnishings enhance faculty's corporate look
Education Design & Build | September/October 2014, page 24
Aiming for a more professional and corporate image, the Faculty of Business and Law at London Metropolitan University has upgraded the tablet chair specification for its classrooms as part of a refurbishment scheme.
Are you sitting comfortably?
Independent Education Today | Issue 53, pp 14-16 | October 2014
Modern school furniture needs to be both functional and flexible in order to meet the demands of a fast-changing teaching environment, says Simon Fry.
Innovative and compact storage solutions in unique designs
QA Education, Issue 90 - p.24 | June 2014
Torsion on the Go! seating from KI, designed by Giancarlo Piretti, is an innovative, mobile, nesting, flex-back chair which addresses movable seating requirements for teaming, training, and informal conferencing... With a unique large folding and nesting tablet arm, ingenious flip-up seats and castors, the chairs can nest together for compact "out-of-the-way" storage.
University Business issue 78 July 2014
The perfect combination
University Business, Issue 78 | July 2014
KI's Learn2 is the perfect combination of a desk and chair designed to suit a variety of needs - it is functional, mobile and stylish. With its fully adjustable, dual-handed worksurface, the chair adapts to each user's personal space and provides customised comfort.
Campus Estate Management magazine Spring 2014 cover
Brompton Academy sits in
Campus Estate Management Magazine | Spring 2014
KI Strive seating and Postura laboratory stools supplied to Brompton Academy.
Campus Estate Management magazine Spring 2014 cover
Take a seat - The school desk updated for the 21st century
Campus Estate Management Magazine | Spring 2014
Mike Riley from iPhone Life Magazine commented: "If your'e looking for an especially durable desk with a 21st century educational furniture design aesthetic with an iPad-friendly desk surface, nothing else compares to the KI Learn2. Seeing a desk like this makes me wish I was back in school again!"
Review - CDW2019
Mix Interior Magazine - Issue 195 | June 2019
Every now and again, however, there is something that simply needs to be addressed – and the recent Clerkenwell Design Week is a perfect example of this. On the face of it, with the weather playing ball once again, it felt like the three-day event was very much the celebration of all that’s good in the market that we always hope it will be; a festival.
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