Where are Postura+ chairs manufactured?
Although first created in Australia, all Postura+ chairs sold in Europe are made in the UK.

I made an order recently - how do I track its progress?
Please call one of our sales support teams and they will be happy to help you. T: +44 (0)207 7405 7082

Can I order a chair in any colour?
For larger orders, we can create chairs in the Postura+ range to best match your project's colour palette. For more information on customising our products, please get in touch with our team at E: education@kieurope.com

What lead times could I be looking at for delivery of my order?
If we have the right product in stock, delivery is usually within 5-10 working days. When made to order, delivery is around 8 weeks.

I manage an educational institution and need some replacement chairs, who should I speak to?
As a first port of call, please contact the reseller who you worked with. If this is not possible, please get in touch with our sales support team.

Can I order products directly from you?
As we sell our educational products exclusively through our network of loyal dealers and distributors, we cannot offer direct or retail sales.

Are your chairs made from recycled plastic?
Different product lines are manufactured from slightly different materials. Jet Black Postura+ chairs and seat shells are made from 100% recycled materials. Please consult individual product descriptions for details on other products.

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